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The House with the Stained Glass Windows (1934)

Into the Fog (1935)

The Riddle of John Rowe (1935)

Without Motive (1936)

The Dangerous Pawn (1937)

The Giant‘s Chair (1938)

Keys of Chance (1939)

Strangers Meeting (1939)

No Exit (1940)

Night Journey (1941)

My Turn Next (1942)

The Merciless Ladies (1944)

Ross Poldark (1st Poldark) (1945)

The Forgotten Story (1945)

Demelza (2nd Poldark) (1946)

Take My Life (1947)

Cordelia (1949)

Jeremy Poldark (3rd Poldark) (1950)

Night Without Stars (1950)

Warleggan (4th Poldark) (1953)

Fortune is a Woman (1953)

The Little Walls (1955)

The Sleeping Partner (1956)

Greek Fire (1957)

The Tumbled House (1959)

Marnie (1961)

The Grove of Eagles (1963)

After the Act (1965)

Night Journey (revised edition) 1966

The Walking Stick (1967)

Angell, Pearl and Little God (1970)

The Japanese Girl (short stories) (1971)

The Spanish Armadas (non-fiction) (1972)

The Black Moon (5th Poldark) (1973)

Woman in the Mirror (formerly The Giant‘s Chair) (1975)

The Four Swans (6th Poldark) (1976)

The Angry Tide (7th Poldark) (1977)

The Merciless Ladies (revised edition) (1979)

The Stranger from the Sea (8th Poldark) (1981)

The Miller`s Dance (9th Poldark) (1982)

The Cornish Farm (short stories) (1982)

Poldark`s Cornwall (semi-autobiographical) (1983)

The Loving Cup (10th Poldark) (1984)

The Green Flash (1986)

Cameo (revised edition of My Turn Next) (1988)

The Twisted Sword (11th Poldark) (1990)

Stephanie (1992)

Tremor (1995)

The Ugly Sister (1998)

Bella Poldark (12th and final Poldark) (2002)

Memoirs of a Private Man (autobiography) (2003)

Poldark`s Cornwall (re-published 2015)

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